True Mad Love.

I ship it. I really want these cosplayers to be together irl

Good news! These cosplayers are together in real life. And they are the sweetest people ever.


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Haven’t done one in awhile, but I guess I need to write an update for reference.

Sleeping is getting better, and health is getting there. The struggle is always going to be there, but I’m learning. Being at the bottom is actually a great learning experience and life lesson. Now that I’m here I know what I have to do. What I need to do. Being young can always attribute to bring reckless, but that’s a choice. No one is getting younger, so might as well be wise now. The way perspective works is on ones own, and adapts through experience. With that said I’m done. I’m done with being stagnate. I’m going somewhere and that starts today.

Sept25 2014


I don’t want you, because I’m scared to be the one responsible to lose you. God forbid that something happens, but I’m scared when it comes time to think of your wellbeing. My stomach turns and I think of the worst, and when I think about that I think of my life crashing. In the end it will come down to my shortcomings, and at that point I will cease to exist.

Sept01 4:13am


The Truth about 1987:

It was Vibe and Steel who didn’t live on to see the new Justice League. Although Gypsy and Vixen didn’t make the cut, they were at least still alive.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The Year is 1988:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke was released. Not only did it give a more detailed origin for The Joker than ever before, it also changed the life of Barbara Gordan when The Joker shot her and paralyzed her.
  • Keeping with the annual crossovers that started with Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC published Millennium. In this event, the Manhunters, Space’s Police Force before the Green Lantern Corp, set their sights on Earth. They planted spies (both volunteered and mind controlled) amongst Earth’s citizens, including Superman’s Smallville best friend, Pete Ross, and Flash’s Father, Rudolph West. In the end, Earth’s Heroes prevailed with help from the New Gaurdians.
  • Jason Todd’s life hung in the balance as readers voted on if he would survived the A Death In The Family storyline. He didn’t. He was beat to death by The Joker with a crowbar and then the building blew up. This became Batman’s greatest failure and haunted him for years.


As long as one of us is able to sleep without the weight of the world bothering, I should be at peace.